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Benefits of Facial Mist

Benefits of Facial Mist

Skincare is self-care. I have never been great at meditation, and although I am trying to improve, I have found other ways to set time aside in my day for the sole purpose of taking care of me. I look forward to stepping into the bathroom after a long day and using products on my skin that feel good, for me that is meditation. No phone, dog, or husband allowed in until I am done my entire routine! It is truly a blissful moment each day.

One product that has been gaining popularity in the skincare world is facial mists, and for good reason! Besides feeling amazing on the skin, they can provide benefits such as protection, hydration, and antioxidants depending on the formulation. Seriously, does it get any better?

A Few Key Benefits of Facial Mists:

1.      Convenience

Facial mists provide an easy way to refresh the skin at home, on the go, and throughout the day. The best part about them is how easy they are to travel with, and many can double as a makeup setting spray to use throughout the day- double win! As well, it is important to note that any skin type can benefit from a facial mist.  

2.      Skin Health

Many facial mists are formulated with antioxidants, hydrating ingredients, soothing botanicals, and even, in some cases, SPF for sun protection. These ingredients aim to balance, soothe, and refresh the skin in the most convenient way. Although any skin can befit from facial mists, they are especially helpful for those struggling with dull, lacklustre skin or even those who are wearing face protection gear for long periods of time. Spritzing the skin throughout the day can help to rebalance and soothe a dry and irritated skin.  

3.      Self-Care

Looking beyond the ingredients that help to keep the skin healthy, facial mists also provide aromatherapy which can be a powerful tool in enhancing well-being. Adding a facial mist into a skincare line up will surely make the regime feel luxurious and refreshing. Coming back to the idea of self-care, we want to ensure that we are taking care of both our physical and mental well-being, which is where the addition of a facial mist can provide benefits in both areas.  

Regardless of what skin concerns you may have; facial mists are a simple and incredible addition to your routine. That does not mean that all facial mists are created equal, so look for ones that are suitable for you individually.

Now, if I haven’t convinced you of the benefits facial mists have to offer yet, you may just have to try one out for yourself! Your skin will surely thank you for it.

Sarah Maxwell

Medical Aesthetician
Owner of Max + Well Skincare

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