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Transitioning to Your Fall Skincare Regime

Transitioning to Your Fall Skincare Regime

As sad as I am to see the long summer days come to an end, I find some excitement and comfort as the leaves change to yellow and the air cools with a crisp breeze. However, the shift in the weather is a good indication that the skin may go through a change as well. This post is going to dive into some of the do’s and don’ts when transitioning from summer to fall- skincare edition!

With colder months up ahead, it is important to take your skincare regime into consideration in order to combat commonalities such as, dryness, dehydration, breakouts, and more. The wind, snow, low humidity, and bitter cold is no match for a proper, quality skincare practices!

So, lets dive into a few crucial do’s that can be customized to all skin types:

  1. Incorporate a Hydrating Cleanser

Using too harsh of a cleanser is the first mistake you can make in your skincare regime, and it often goes unnoticed. Many people think that because it only sits on the face for 30-60 seconds, it cannot possibly make a big impact on the skin. However, cleansers actually play a large role in how the skin looks and behaves. Stripping the skin daily with a harsh cleanser, coupled with dry weather, will ultimately lead to a dull and compromised complexion.

  1. Examine your moisturizer

Finding a moisturizer that suits your skin can be a tricky feat. Not to mention that as soon as you find one, the seasons change, and it no longer works! As frustrating as this can be, it is still crucial to be diligent in finding a moisturizer that works with your skin. For some it may be lighter weight all year round, or more occlusive, or medley of them both. For fall months, it is common to start transitioning into a more occlusive and nourishing moisturizer to upkeep supple and healthy skin.

  1. Add in a Targeted Serum

Serums are such a powerful tool within a skincare regime. They are formulated with a thinner viscosity and smaller molecules to penetrate the skin deeper than moisturizers can. Choosing a serum or serums is a very personal process, as there is such a wide variety to combat different skin concerns. For example, serums can target aging, acne, dehydration, dullness, pigmentation, and so much more. Be mindful when selecting serums as they are not all size fits one, and definitely not all equal when it comes to quality and efficacy.

Now, to consider a few don’ts:

  1. Over Exfoliation

A big no no, that applies all year round, is over exfoliating the skin. Whether it be with physical exfoliants or chemical exfoliants. This is especially true for colder months as the skin becomes even more susceptible to skin sensitivities. It can be tempting to scrub away a skin that feel dry and dehydrated, and to some extent this is necessary, but it is often overdone and can lead to redness, irritation, excessive oil imbalances, and breakouts.

  1. Ditching the SPF

Ah yes, the most cardinal sin of all… Only using sunscreen when it is hot out. YOU GUYS! Protecting your skin from the sun all year round is the most important aspect of skincare there is. Trust me, your skin will thank you later.

There we have it!  A few important do’s and don’ts to consider as the seasons shift. I hope that you took something away from this post and if anything, please apply your sunscreen today.

Happy fall!


Sarah Maxwell

Medical Aesthetician/Owner of Max + Well Skincare

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